Residential Solutions

Hoot Systems manufactures 4 different lines of treatment technologies, which are customized to meet local environmental concerns.  

The History of Our LA-Hoot goes back to the 1980’s and is still our largest seller in Louisiana and is offered as an entry level unit in several, mostly southern States. 

Our H-Series was tested and certified in Texas for their progressive rules that require a higher level of performance. This is the product that has been approved and is distributed all over the country.  

From there, we evolved into our Basic Nitrogen Reduction (BNR) technology (in the process of being re-branded as NR) and our Advanced Nitrogen Reduction (ANR) technology, capable of well below the Federal Drinking water standard of 10 mg/L.  These technologies are used in areas that are either threatened or already impacted by nitrogen pollution.

In all cases, please visit our Dealer Page to find out which products we market in your area.  We offer in each market is what’s necessary to meet the every changing regulations.