Green Performance

Hoot Systems products are made and manufactured to with the environment in mind. After all, we are taking the wastewater from your home, treating it and returning it to the immediate environment.  We are not sending it down a pipe, miles away where it is treated and eventually dumped it into a river.  This reduced embodied energy and recharging the same aquifers that the drinking water was pulled from is environmentally responsible.  

Energy Efficiency – Our Average Residential System draws less current than a traditional 75 watt Light bulb, costing less than 25 cents a day to operate.

Concrete Construction – Our tanks are made and supported by local precasters who obtain their materials of cement, sand and gravel locally, not internationally, which has a minimum of embodied energy requirement.

Recycled Content – Our Polyethylene Hopper, the largest component other than what is made of concrete, utilizes both pre and post Consumer wastes.

Hoot Systems are the most environmentally responsible choice for your family and our environment.