Environmental Solutions

Hoot Systems offers a wide variety of technologies and treatment solutions for single family homes, through entire communities to commercial and high strength wastes from Convenience Stores, to Shopping Centers, Fast Food and sit-down Restaurants, Breweries and Wineries, RV parks, Camps, Visitors & Detention Centers, Schools, Churches, Office Complexes to industrial facilities.

We do not take a “One Size Fits All” approach to wastewater design.

On the Residential level, while most of our competition tries to fit everyone into a few common size tanks, we have four different residential technologies that come in a total of 20 sizes to meet nearly any application.

Our Commercial Systems are put into tanks that can vary in size and volume to meet any required treatment level, detention time or performance criteria. We design our systems for flexible and scalable operation and with the ability to be upgraded if future discharge criteria become more stringent or your use changes over time.

We approach each project with a basket full of options and work alongside with you, your engineer and local regulatory officials to determine the “best fit” for now and the future.