Engineering & Design

All designs for our systems should begin at the State page in which the install will occur.  To find them go to the map of the US on our home page, or go to our Dealer Pages through this link.  Under the Engineering Tab for each State you will find State approvals, cut sheets, loading rates, pump curves, components, etc. Under the Drawings Tab you will find PDF drawings that are State specific and at the bottom of the page the ability to request a download link for the AutoCAD files of the PDF’s.  Critical dimensions including wall thickness, sizes of pump tanks, etc. vary from State to State.  If you do not find a certain size or configuration, please inquiry with us prior to making a design, even if it shows availability in a bordering State.  There is likely a good reason why it is not shown available.

Please Note: We have recently introduced a new 900 and 1200 GPD size to our H-Series line and a LA-Hoot 600 for the Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma markets is on the way.