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254-754-HOOT (4668) Tel

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Tested at Baylor University in Texas, back in 1995, the Hoot quickly became the Standard that everyone has copied and fallen short of meeting in both performance and quality.  The original “All-in-One” design we now offer it in 500, 600, 750, 900, 1,000 and 1,200 GPD sizes.  Available with advanced controls, a 3 year Warranty and the flexibility of  Drip, LPD and Spray discharge methods.


The original Hoot, was released into the Texas market in 2004 to provide a more budget minded option to compete with the local “johnny come lately” products.  The LA-Hoot while less expensive than the H-series, still meets or exceeds the best performance of our competition. Comes in both 500 and 850 GPD Models and is designed for Spray Dispersal.

Commercial Treatment Systems

In Texas these can be combinations of Multiple Residential Models, or full blown commercial systems that begin at 1,000 GPD and go up to 1,000,000 GPD.  See our Commercial Page for Additional Information. Hoot Systems offers a full line of Commercial Treatment strategies that pick up where our residential models listed above leave off.  These are sometimes permitted as Multiple Residential tanks tied together with common Pre-Treatment, Equalization and pump tanks, or can be larger systems in 5,000 to 15,000 gallon increments.  For more information on these products for non-home applications, see or Commercial Treatment System page.

Drip Dispersal

All Hoot Systems are capable of having drip dispersal packages as the chosen method of disposal.  In addition to the size reductions of the treatment, drip provides a more efficient use of land space, allowing the disposal field to be as close as 2 feet off of the foundation of the house, within flower beds, and within 5 foot of the property lines.  In addition, the tubing profile is only 1/2″ in height, which provides at least a foot less of vertical mound height, often allowing the drainfield to “disappear” into typical landscaping.  By lowering the overall drainfield height, unsightly mounds go away and the savings in fill material alone will often pay for the cost of the drip system.