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H-Series For Remedial

Hoot Systems are allowed to be used for remedial applications (repairs) to existing sites of between 330 and 990 gallons per day and may receive a drainfield reduction credit of:

  1. 50% reduction in the Soil Absorption Area -or –
  2. Up to a 2 foot separation credit to seasonal high water table -or –
  3. Reduction in the required naturally occurring pervious material

See the full state approval in the downloads section for complete details.

H-Series For General Use

H-Series for General Use are in leu of a Title 5 Standard Septic System.  An Advance treatment unit may be needed is there is an addition to a home, or for new construction, but not generally used for a repair.

See the full state approval in the downloads section for complete details.

Hoot-ANR For Provisional Use

Our Hoot-ANR is certified to the NSF Standard 245 for Nitrogen Reduction.  While not listed with the State, we are involved in site specific testing of units, approved at the local township level.  If you have a site that requires a high level of Nitrogen Reduction, this system may be appropriate for a Provisional Installation 


Hoot Systems offers a full line of Commercial Treatment strategies that pick up where our residential models listed above leave off.  These are sometimes permitted as Multiple Residential tanks tied together with common Pre-Treatment, Equalization and pump tanks, or can be larger systems in 5,000 to 15,000 gallon increments.  For more information on these products for non-home applications, see or Commercial Treatment System page.