About Hoot Systems

Hoot Systems, located in Lake Charles Louisiana, specializes in the development and manufacture of wastewater treatment “solutions” to meet specific environmental conditions and regulations, rather than just “products”.  

Our Residential treatment equipment offerings have evolved as our concern and acknowledgement of man’s impact on the environment has been realized.  We offer four main product lines, and local variations to meet the most strict National, State and Local environmental regulations 

  • LA-Hoot – Our most basic system, for BOD and TSS Reduction
  • H-Series – Better than 5/5 on BOD, TSS  and complete Ammonia (NH3) Conversion
  • Hoot-NR (BNR) – Adds Biological Nitrogen Reduction, through recirculation, of greater than 50% TN
  • Hoot-ANR– The most advanced treatment available, capable of meeting less that 10 mg/L of TN.

Our Commercial treatment equipment is not simply multiple residential units, we offer a complete line of custom, site specific products to meet the demanding needs of non-typical applications.  Beginning at 1,000 GPD and going into the hundreds of thousands, Hoot offers both products and support to engineers to specify and create complete treatment solutions

  • Hoot EA – Our most basic, Extended Aeration technology for BOD and TSS Reduction
  • Hoot MTS – An advanced level of treatment utilizing fine air diffusion and fixed media
  • Hoot ANR – Advanced level Nitrogen Removal, available stand alone, or add to our other technologies 
  • Hoot TECH – An IFAS technology with a compact footprint and scalable grow into design
  • Hoot CMBR– A ceramic polishing filer that achieves complete TSS, fecal an e-coli filtration without chemicals

If your home, business, school, church, shopping center, convenience store, restaurant, etc. falls outside of the sewered infastructure, we have a product to help treat and return the water back into the environment.